Unlocking Opportunities with Keystone Market Data

In March's edition of Glass Times, Keystone Market Research’s Director, Charlotte Hawkes, revealed key findings from our latest Consumer Trends report


In our recent UK Consumer Fenestration Trends Report, released on 1st February 2024, we uncovered a mixed landscape for the fenestration industry. While there's still a sizable market, especially promising in the long term, we anticipate a slight contraction this year as homeowners indicated tightened budgets. However, amidst these challenges lie numerous opportunities for companies willing to adapt and innovate.

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A key takeaway from our research was the importance of finding and capitalising on pockets of opportunity. One clear opportunity that emerged from our analysis of Google Search Trends is the growing interest in garden rooms, with searches up 42% in 2023 compared to 2019. As this trend follows an opposite seasonal pattern to the peak periods for windows, it presents a fantastic opportunity for installers to diversify their range and mitigate the effects of seasonality.

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Moreover, our findings underscore the importance of an online presence bolstered by local recommendations and reviews. Homeowners are increasingly turning to the internet for information, but they're most influenced by recommendations from their local community. It's therefore crucial for installers to invest in localised search engine optimisation, a robust system for review capture and to leverage local Facebook groups and connections, to ensure they are appearing where consumers are searching and meeting prospective customers research needs.

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Another area that stood out in our research was a strong interest in triple glazing among homeowners, with 50% expressing a preference for it over double glazing. This presents an excellent opportunity for installers to differentiate themselves by highlighting the benefits of triple glazing in their advertising. While the cost realities, also considered in the report, may ultimately lead to double glazing being specified, the strong interest in triple glazing demonstrates an opportunity for installers to attract attention from homeowners.

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Overall, our study highlighted significant variations in responses across property age, homeowner age, region, and more. With the huge number of products available in the industry now, the report demonstrates the importance of companies understanding and catering to the unique needs of their audience. By seizing opportunities, leveraging online platforms, and understanding local dynamics, installers can navigate the evolving fenestration landscape and thrive in a competitive market.


If you would like support understanding your targeted consumer needs effectively, the first of our quarterly series of Consumer Trends reports is now available from our STORE. Alternatively, you can contact Keystone for bespoke support at CONTACT.