Project Case Study: Site Analysis

It's hard to believe that it's now been a month to the day since I started my freelance career with Keystone. Today, I am excited to share the completion of my first research project for a very happy customer. 

Project Overview

For my first freelance project, I was tasked with analyzing installer data to identify targeted areas for new site launches. The project involved phases such as data cleansing, sourcing new data, data analysis, weighted decision matrix creation, and compiling a comprehensive final report.

Customer Feedback

Confidentiality and trust are crucial in my work, and so due to the sensitive nature of the task customer details will be kept confidential, publicly and privately. Though I cannot disclose their identity currently, I am delighted to share their anonymous feedback received upon delivering the final report: 

"We asked Charlotte to help us to identify potential sites across the UK for our new trade supply business. Charlotte carefully analysed the brief, and quickly built a solid understanding of exactly who our target audience and main competitors are. From this she created a strategy that has enabled us to identify the best towns in the UK, as well as allowing us to pinpoint the potential success of exact locations based on a number of important factors. 

Charlotte is a data expert, and she can confidently manage high level strategy and consultancy as well as the detailed nitty gritty that’s needed to produce the desired results. She had a deep understanding of the fenestration industry and she has been a pleasure to work with. 

Charlotte delivered our project on budget, and ahead of timescale. She continuously kept us up to date with any changes and most importantly she strives to always do what’s right for the project, even if it means amending the strategy slightly mid way through. 

I would highly recommend Keystone Market Research to businesses who want to make informed data driven decisions." 

I've hugely enjoyed this project, transforming complex data into actionable insights, and having a happy customer at the end armed with the information they need to move forward confidently, has solidified my commitment to research and reaffirms that the work Keystone is producing is so necessary in our industry.

Looking Ahead

If you have any data-driven projects that could benefit from an extra pair of experienced hands, I would be more than happy to lend my expertise. Whether it's data analysis, strategic recommendations, or comprehensive research, I can deliver exceptional results and provide invaluable insights to my clients.