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I'm Charlotte Hawkes and I formed Keystone Market Research after experiencing the frustration of having to adapt broad construction market data to my specific application developing business strategies as the Head of Marketing at Edgetech UK, a company mostly focused on the glazing market.

The glazing industry is unique and it takes years of experience, and a genuine love of the industry and the people that make it up, to really understand how it works and how rewarding an industry it is to be a part of.

Keystone aims to deliver targeted market research to this industry and beyond, tailoring the services to meet the individual needs of our clients and delivering actionable insights.

As the glazing industry is only great because of all the lovely people working in it, I thought you might like to know a bit more about me outside of work:

1. I started my career as a piano teacher
When I left school I decided that I wanted to turn my hobby playing the piano into a career and began teaching piano. I got a part-time job as a marketing assistant at the company my dad worked at to support myself while I built up my teaching business and soon discovered I was enjoying marketing much more than teaching! Several qualifications and over a decade later and I've never regretted that decision.

2. I live in a little village just outside Rugby in the Warwickshire countryside
There's more sheep than people and the nearest 'big shop' is a 30 minute round trip but I've fully embraced village life.

3. I'm well and truly a dog person (but don't tell my cat!)
Just over 2 years ago my hubby and I picked up our first dog, a beautiful yellow labrador called Nala, and since then I can't pass a dog without giving them a fuss. Westie or rottweiler, dachshund or german shepherd - I love them all!

4. I have an eclectic range of hobbies
On one weekend you can find me baking up a storm on some homemade hot cross buns, focaccia or macarons (I even made my own wedding cake!), and then on the next I'll be on a clay pigeon shoot with my hubby's family somewhere in the beautiful English countryside. Just imagine Nigella Lawson with a shotgun!

So if you're interested in discussing how I can help add value to your business, or just want a no-fail Yorkshire pudding recipe, please contact me today, I look forward to speaking with you.