Customised Consumer Trends Report Supports Debar’s Strategic Planning

On hearing about the new Consumer Fenestration Trends report, Debar Ltd approached Keystone Market Research to find out more. Debar is a leading manufacturer and provider of bifold door hardware solutions, and as such caters to a targeted segment of homeowners. In order to extract the most value from the data for them, Keystone developed a personalised version of the Consumer Trends report which contained detailed insights which specifically focused on homeowners interested in bifold doors, as well as an analysis of variances between homeowner demographics preferring bifold doors, patio sliding doors, and French doors to enhance audience positioning. Understanding the preferences, investment behaviours, and trends of their target market segment has been useful for Debar to refine its marketing strategies, product development, and overall business approach.


Customer Feedback

“Keystone Market Research has been an invaluable partner to Debar Ltd in understanding the intricate dynamics of the UK's bifold market. Their industry insight report provided us with comprehensive analysis that we can consider as part of strategic planning. The sections on consumer preferences, homeowner investment timescales, and current search trends, were particularly useful. I highly recommend Keystone Market Research for their thorough and actionable market intelligence.”

Lee Davies, Finance Director – Debar Ltd


Key Components of the Customised Report

  • Consumer preferences: Detailed analysis of consumer preferences for bifold doors, patio sliding doors, and French doors, highlighting key factors influencing purchasing decisions.
  • Homeowner investment timescales: Insights into the typical investment timescales of homeowners interested in bifold doors, aiding Debar in understanding the market opportunity over the next 10 years.
  • Current search trends: Analysis of current search trends related to bifold doors, uncovering opportunities for Debar to optimise its online presence and enhance its range.
  • Comparative analysis: Comparison of preferences and behaviours between homeowners favouring different types of doors, enabling Debar to refine its audience segmentation and messaging strategies.


A Targeted Approach

The collaboration between Debar and Keystone Market Research exemplifies the power of customised market intelligence in driving business success. By leveraging the tailored insights, Debar will be able to refine its strategies, enhance its competitive positioning, and better serve its target market, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

If a comprehensive overview of consumer trends could benefit your business, perhaps for new product development, range rationalisation and marketing optimisation, find out more and purchase the first report here: Consumer Fenestration Trends Report - Winter 2024

Or if you are interested in understanding a more targeted area of the industry contact Keystone today to find out how they can adapt the data to deliver a unique analysis to support you to unlock new opportunities and drive growth in your business too.