Current Homeowner Window and Door Frustrations

In June's Glass Times magazine, Keystone Market Research’s Director, Charlotte Hawkes, demonstrates how one simple question, asked in the right way to the right audience, can drive innovation and industry advancement


In the world of consumer research, the power of a single question cannot be underestimated. When posed to the right audience in the right manner, it has the remarkable potential to uncover a whole range of insights. And that’s exactly what happened when I added one small additional question to the latest UK Consumer Fenestration Trends Report survey.


In the survey, participants were asked a straightforward yet revealing question: "If you could solve one problem with your current windows and doors, what would it be?" This open-ended inquiry provided respondents with the freedom to express their frustrations candidly, offering authentic insights directly from the consumers themselves.


The impact of the question was profound, highlighting prevalent challenges faced by homeowners across the country. Based on the feedback, it's evident that only 23% of the UK population are entirely satisfied with their current windows and doors, leaving a sizeable market for the industry to address.


Among the key findings were issues such as draughts, poor energy efficiency, hardware concerns, condensation (which comes as no surprise to anyone here), and noise transmission. Interestingly, a notable percentage of respondents expressed that they felt triple glazing would be the one thing that would solve all their current problems, echoing the interest shown repeatedly now in our studies.


These insights underscore the importance of understanding and addressing consumer needs effectively. By leveraging the data obtained from this single question, businesses in the fenestration industry can tailor their products and services to meet the demands of their target audience more precisely. Whether it's using modern fitting techniques to mitigate draughts, educating customers on proper aftercare to reduce stiff hinges and deteriorating seals, or offering the latest noise transmission or maintenance reducing technology, these findings provide a roadmap to drive innovation and customer satisfaction.


Have you got a question for UK homeowners? We offer a cost-effective omnibus service which allows companies to incorporate their own questions into our survey, with the results of these questions fed back privately to the commissioning company. Imagine the value of having exclusive insights into consumer preferences, to gather actionable intelligence, support project investment or gain a competitive edge in the market.


Meanwhile, through the quarterly Keystone Consumer Fenestration Trends report we seek to ensure useful information is available to help all companies to stay informed and provide opportunities for growth.


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