4 Key Reasons to Invest in Employee Research

Businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of creating a positive work environment for employee motivation and commitment. Regular employee research plays a pivotal role in achieving this and directly contributes to improved business performance. Whether undertaken as an ad hoc project to gauge employee response to a change within the business, or as part of a regular feedback program to understand employee engagement progress over time, this article looks at four top reasons why employee research should be a key strategic focus for every company.


1. Enhanced Productivity and Performance

Research consistently demonstrates that engaged employees are more productive and committed to delivering their best work. A study conducted by Gallup in the UK found that highly engaged teams exhibit 21% higher productivity levels compared to their less engaged counterparts. This heightened performance directly translates into increased operational efficiency, contributing to higher revenue generation and profitability.


2. Reduced Staff Turnover and Talent Retention

Employee engagement research acts as a shield against high staff turnover rates. The same Gallup study revealed that engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their organisations than disengaged employees. Staff that feel listened to and appreciated are happy employees, whereas a high turnover rate not only disrupts business continuity but also incurs substantial recruitment and training costs. A stable workforce also ensures a consistent customer experience and preserves valuable internal knowledge, driving long-term growth.


3. Drive Improvement by Tapping into your Employee’s Experience

Employee research can help uncover innovative ideas and solutions from the people on the frontline, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. As your business grows you can feel more detached what’s really going on, whereas your employees are in regular contact with your customers and living the business processes daily, making them a great source of information which can help you to identify customer and internal pain-points. Employees who feel valued and heard are more inclined to share their perspectives, which can lead to a more efficient business, development of innovative products and services, and keep the business ahead of the competition.


4. Increase Customer Satisfaction

And there’s another benefit for customer-centric organisations - employee engagement is directly linked to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Engaged employees are more invested in their roles, resulting in enhanced customer interactions and service quality. Research by Aon Hewitt found that a 5% increase in employee engagement can lead to a 3% increase in customer satisfaction.


Considerations for Effective Employee Engagement Research

While the benefits of employee engagement research are clear, it's essential to ensure the effectiveness of the surveys:

  • Anonymity: Guaranteeing employee anonymity encourages candid feedback, leading to more accurate insights.
  • Internal Placement: If you’re undertaking employee research internally it is important to consider where to place the responsibility for conducting surveys. Prioritise a department that can remain neutral to encourage open feedback and to ensure analysis and reporting is accurate and unbiased, such as Human Resources or an independent research team.
  • Time Investment: Collecting meaningful data requires time and effort, as does analysis of the responses, ensure staff responsible are given enough time away from other duties to focus on delivering the research.
  • Third-Party Involvement: Engaging a third-party company to conduct surveys fosters trust and openness among employees. External experts can create a safe space for employees to express their opinions honestly without fear of repercussions, allowing for more accurate feedback and analysis without bias. It can also help relieve workload from an already stretched HR team with existing priorities.


Employee Research - the key to business success

Regular employee research should be a key focus for all businesses given the undeniable link between higher employee engagement and improved business performance. By investing in employee research and acting on the feedback provided, organisations can create a thriving workplace culture that drives productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction, and financial success.

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